At Menzieshill we have a wide variety of swimming sessions and we can cater to all levels of ability, whether you're looking for your child to learn a new skill, or keep fit as an adult.

We passionately believe that Swimming can be a sport for life.

Learn to swim will resume on the 28th August. Our waiting lists are currently closed, and will re-open sometime after that date.

Learn to swim

What does the Club offer for children wanting to learn to swim?

This is where your swimming journey begins!

At our Learn to Swim (LTS) we offer children who are approaching school age the opportunity to become water confident, begin to learn core aquatic skills and learn to swim. They will have fun and be taught in a structured, safe group session with children of a similar ability. All sessions are led by qualified coaches and poolside helpers with a qualified lifeguard overseeing the sessions. By the time the children leave our Saturday LTS, they will be confident in the swimming pool and be able to start lane swimming in a 25m pool. They will be ready to start the next level of swimming - the LTS Advance (Swim Skills) sessions within our Club.

We also accept children who have some experience of another LTS or Early Years programme.

Our LTS programme follows the National Framework for swimming in Scotland. https://www.scottishswimming.com/learn-to-swim.aspx


Where and when are these sessions held?

We currently run three, 40-minute sessions between 9am and 11am on a Saturday morning at Harris Academy swimming pool, Perth Road, Dundee.

How can I get my child started on these Learn to Swim sessions?

You can enquire about getting your child into learn to swim through the Contact us form. Please ensure you select "Swimming" as the area and "Learn to swim" as the subject.
Following acceptance into our Club your child will be offered a place on one of the 40-minute sessions, dependant on space. Your child is required to become a Menzieshill Whitehall Swimming & Waterpolo Club member.

Please note that due to high demand, we currently have a waiting list for new swimmers.

Learn to Swim advanced

The Learn to Swim Advanced section progresses the swimmers from 'Level 1' of the Scottish Swimming Learn to Swim Framework up to 'Club Ready’. The swimmers attend lane swimming sessions once or twice a week. In Lane 1 children begin just able to swim lengths and quickly improve their stamina and fitness. There is a strong focus on technique development in all four strokes as swimmers progress through the lanes, including diving and tumble turns. By Lane 6 our swimmers are competent in all strokes, turns and diving, and are ‘club ready’. We introduce the swimmers to gala experiences if they would like to, at both a club level and competitively in local leagues. There is a strong focus on fun, self improvement and development.

The teaching follows the principles of the Scottish Swimming Learn to Swim Framework and we assess swimmers four times a year, to progress them through the levels. We have a twelve week training programme which focuses on all strokes and incorporates weeks concentrating on dives, specific skills and competition experiences. Swimmers working at Levels 1 and 2 are expected to attend one hourly session once a week, whilst swimmers at higher levels are invited to attend two hourly sessions each week.

Our sessions are at Harris Academy, 6-7pm Wednesdays, 6-7pm Thursdays and 9-10am Sundays.

Squad Structure


The purpose of the squad structure is to provide a pathway for swimmers who have reached the Club Ready Level of Scottish Swimming’s Learn to Swim Framework, introduced in 2016, and are keen to enter the next stage of swimming development. The squad programme aims to increase training frequency and volume, further enhance stroke technique and develop racing skills and a positive mental attitude.

The aim of the squad sructure is to foster a training environment where swimmers of similar ability and mindset can train and progress together. The programme is developed around those swimmers who wish to swim competitively and will be designed to meet the entry criteria of the next squad in the squad hierarchy. Additionally the squad training environment will aim to foster team spirit amongst like minded athletes.

The Training schedule will follow the principles of the SASA Long Term Athlete Development Pathway from Stage 2 Swim Skills: Building Technique to Stage 5: Training to Win.



Each squad has a minimum training requirement and all swimmers at expected to adhere to the minimum training sessions.

Whilst the club enforces the minimum training requirements, all swimmers are encouraged to attend additional sessions.

As swimmers progress through the squads the minimum training requirements increase and all swimmers who enter into the squad structure , and their parents, should be aware of this , and reflect at the outset whether they have the time and commitment to attend the necessary training sessions.

Swimmers are assessed twice yearly, in March and September, to a set of documented performance criteria, which are tailored to each squad.

The detailed assessment criteria can be found in the Squad Booklet, a copy of which you can get from your coach.


Swimmers Squad Progression Chart